Email to NUT School Rep from Liz Flint – A parent organising a petition against the teachers strike action

Shame on You!

I am writing this letter out of sheer frustration, this morning I drove by school to see a gaggle of teachers laughing and joking whilst by 14 year old daughter is once again sat at home.

Surely something more can be done to stop you ruining our children’s education. I have spoken to many parents who all feel the same.

Any sympathy for staff has quickly waned into significance and the fact that they are putting themselves before our pupils and their education is disgusting, my respect for these members of staff is now nil.

I also think this is not a good example to the pupils, some of which I know are taking all strike days off whether their year is in or not (for this I blame the parents!), but what model does this give them of their teachers.

There are also people picketing outside that don’t work at the school, isn’t this classed as secondary picketing?

I certainly hope you all come to your senses and go back to work soon as myself and the many parents I have come across recently certainly won’t be giving you our support.

Liz Flint

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Petitions opposing Academy status at Kimberley School

There are 125 signitures on the online petition.

150 on the paper petitions and still more to collect

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The Kimberley S…

The Kimberley School governors are having a special meeting to discuss Academy Status, this Wednesday 27th June, come and show our opposition from 5pm onwards.

Parents have been invited to School to meet at 6 on Friday 29th June.


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Opposition growing everyday

There are 115 signitures on the online petition and it is gaining more everyday.


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Kimberley School Rejects Academy Status

Kimberley School last night rejected a move to academy status. The statement issued by the Governing Body is reproduced below;

Statement by the Governing Body of The Kimberley School as agreed at the meeting of 7 February 2012:

As a result of the comprehensive consultation exercise the Governors of The Kimberley School unanimously believe that, on balance, it is not in the best interests of the school to change status at this time. However, Governors have resolved to keep this under review.

We think the Governing Body are to be congratulated on the decision which was taken in the face of what I believe was considerable pressure from the Local Authority to convert to an academy school. Kimberley School now joins secondary schools in Rushcliff and Eastwood in rejecting academy status.

We would like to thank all of you who have been involved in the campaign and also thank those of you who have at least just taken the time to contact me and discuss your views. Whatever your involvement it has been much appreciated.

There are too many to thank individually by name but we would just like to say a special thank you to those elected Councillors and other community leaders who were prepared to speak out and support the campaign. Its never an easy thing to do when representing others, whom may or may not share your views but whom will let you know at election time.

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Invitations sent for the Public Parents Meeting on Tues 13 Dec

The following have been sent an invitation for the meeting. Speakers from respective organisations (see earlier post on public meeting) will be confirmed as they respond. To see response please click on the underlined names below; 

Town Council 
Chair Roy Plumb  Not attending and responded via Councillor Sarah Brown who is attending but has declined to speak as the Town Council doesn’t have a view. 
Leader of the County Council
Councillor Kay Cutts  Not attending and doesnt think it would be appropriate as it a matter for the school
Deputy Leader of the County Council
Councillor Martin Suthers  No response to date
Cabinet Member for Children & Young People’s Services & Broxtowe County Councillor (Nuthall)
Councillor Phillip Owen  Not attending and doesnt think it would be appropriate as its a matter for the school
Deputy Cabinet Member for Children & Young People’s Services
Councillor Allan Clarke  Not attending confirmed via Councillor Philip Owen
Kimberley School
Headteacher  Has a prior commitment but will attend if possible
Chair of Governors  Has a prior commitment but will attend if possible
Awsworth Primary 
Chair of Governors
Gilthill Primary
Chair of Governors
Hollywell Primary
Chair of Governors
Kimberley Primary

Chair of Governors
Horsendale Primary
Chair of Governors
Mornington Primary

Chair of Governors
Larkfields Primary
Chair of Governors
PTA Kimberley School
Teacher Trade Unions
National Union of Teachers Nottinghamshire Division
National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers Nottingham Federation
Anti Academies Alliance
Broxtowe Hands Off Our Schools
Andrea Oates Attending

Coming soon – parent governor elections

There is to be an election for a place on the Governing Body for a parent governor. Parents should  soon  receive a ballot paper. This is an opportunity for every parent to have their say and elect a parent to represent the views of the parent body.

These elections are usually decided on only a small number of votes. Your vote will make a difference and its important that parents are able to engage in all aspects of school life, especially in choosing who represents them on the Governing Body.

The Playing Fields, The Leisure Centre and The Kimberley School

If Kimberley School Converts to an academy what happens to the playing field and the Leisure Centre? In fact all  of the playing fields, the grounds and the Leisure Centre itself  are already owned by Kimberley School. Ownership transferred when the school became a Foundation School. So the answer is nothing may change.

The Leisure Centre is operated however by the Council on a type of lease back arrangement which enables joint use buy  the public and the school. Those arrangements  are set to end in 2012/13.**  If the school converts to an academy, the Academy Trust – an unelected body- will be in a position to determine what access the public continues to have  to the Leisure Centre and on what terms.

**Council Report



Headteacher comments in Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser Dec 2

The Headteacher is quoted in this weeks Advertiser as saying there was a ‘political will’ to move to academy status and he did not want to get left behind.

The political will he is talking about is the Coalition Governments wish to convert all schools to academy status. Given that there is no money or new buildings available if schools convert to academy statues its difficult to see how Kimberley could get left behind.

Teachers meet to consider strike action

Teachers from the two main teacher unions the NASUWT and the NUT met this week to consider whether to take strike action over the implications of any conversion to academy status. A decision on whether the unions will  ballot for industrial action is likely to be announced next week.

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The schools consultation process has been a failure

The governors consultation failed to engage parents. Only 10, 29, 6 & 14 parents attended each of these meetings. The governors  have not consulted with the parents of primary schools or wider members of the community who will be affected by the change.


What do the teachers think about academy status?

Back in June of this year, 77 members of staff signed a petition opposing academy status. In November about 80% of staff who took part in a survey said they were opposed to the school becoming an academy? Both the largest teaching unions at the school, the NASUWT and the NUT have already indicated they may take strike action.

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Americas version of Academy Schools is Charter Schools – an education policy disaster

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Public Meeting for Parents 7.00pm Tuesday 13 December 2011 Kimberley Parish Hall

A meeting for all parents of Kimberley School, Awsworth, Gilthill, Hollywell, Horsendale, Kimberley, Larkfields and Mornington Primary Schools & other members of the community interested the issues about Kimberley School and academy status .

The Headteachers and Chairs of Governors from all the schools have been invited to speak, as have the PTA, the staff trade unions and the Anti Academies Alliance.

By email:
By mobile: 07530261941
On the web:
On facebook:
On twitter:

School converting to academy status face unknown financial liabilities

Many schools converting to academy status have unwittingly found themselves facing bills of hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay the pensions of support staff whose pension liability they will inherit.

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